As a group of top sales experts in the nation, we understand that sales is a busy and time consuming industry. The constant demand of nurturing client relationships is imperative in order to be successful. Without a tool to assist with this, time management can be very challenging. Our primary goal was to develop a personalized Client relationship System. Our Simple one touch relationship retention management system can keep the sales person in constant communication with current clients, past clients and their sphere of influence. For over a decade we have tested all different communication tools and follow up programs. We have found that there was nothing on the market that was PC and Phone App based, and also included multiple marketing systems while saving time and being easy to use.

The biggest road block to creating a client relation system for a salesperson is the “Art of Follow Up”. How often have you heard “Pick 5 people every day from your client list or sphere of influence and call them”? 

Salez Storm is the System that does all this work for you. With just a few touches you can keep in communication with all your contacts for 12 months. You can keep busy with the business of selling. Relax in knowing your sphere of influence is hearing from you on a regular basis through text, email, ecards, newsletters, postcards, voice mail etc. . Add to that a business planner, a gift store, ability to send pictures to all, transaction files for your clients, and the first in the industry; a way to track your commissions and build a “Book of Business”. You can manage the entire system from your phone!

These are just the highlights, there are more features and many more to be added in the future. Make Selling Easier, More Efficient, More Fun and in the end Much More Profitable with “Salez Storm”.

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